Paul's travels in the book of acts timeline

Peter travels to different places to teach and to encourage other believers in jesus christ. Apostle pauls timeline study resources blue letter bible. The former of these being an isolated event in st lukes narrative is of little value comparatively for our purpose. Provide a free high quality map of pauls first and second missionary journeys from the book of acts. See where paul went on his missionary journeys and read the book of acts with a new perspective. Paul s letters and missionary journeys chart timeline of paul s letters and missionary journeys paul c.

Peter and john are sent to samaria to teach them about the word of god. I once did a presentation on actsepistles and used pauls traveling companions as the focus to keep his multiple journeys straight. Pauls letters and missionary journeys chart timeline of pauls letters and missionary journeys paul c. Pauls first missionary journey with barnabasgoes to cyprus, antioch in pisidia, iconium, lystra, derbe, and back through the same places to antioch. The author of acts arranges pauls travels into three separate journeys. Timeline of pauls letters and missionary journeys chart. Paul traveled through cyprus on his first missionary journey acts.

Stephen is stoned to death for his testimony about jesus acts 6 7. We know that each book was inspired by god, written by paul, and faithfully preserved in the church throughout history. Pauls second visit to jerusalem, with the collection acts 1. Chapter five of the book evidence and pauls journeys is titled pauls voyage to rome and shipwreck and is reproduced in full below. It is noted which are clearly understood and which are. Pauls second missionary journey new testament maps. Apostle pauls first journey to his death timeline bible study. I alsoassume that pauls 2 nd jerusalem visit acts 11. Saul, barnabas, mark leave for pauls first missionary journey. Well also attempt to date the nt books, the deaths of the 12 apostles the disciples. Its author, a secondcentury church leader, was fired over the book because he attributed to. A chronology of the book of acts resource publications.

The period from the conversion of paul until the first trip to jerusalem. Or were they written later, and if so, what does that indicate about the events of pauls life subsquent to acts 28. For the first time, all the historical details of pauls journeys are found in a single book written for the general reader. Chronology of apostle pauls journeys and epistles matthew mcgee. In this article we conclude our discussion of the book of acts by covering pauls trips to ephesus, jerusalem and rome. Paul travels to ephesus and live there for a little more than 3 years acts 19. Thirteen of the twentyseven books in the new testament have traditionally been attributed to paul and approximately half of the acts of the apostles deals with. It is clear that this book was also written during pauls stay in corinth. A chronology of timothys travels, as best we can discern, is given below. People usually talk about pauls three missionary journeys each beginning and. Introduction to acts of the apostles christian bible reference site. The book of acts and the epistles of paul sometimes tell us the length of time between one event and another. Feel free to copy, project or edit for your teaching, lessons or private use. Chronology of pauls journeys and epistles life, hope.

Pauls dealings with noted individuals who are also written about in pagan and jewish historical accounts. The first journey, acts 14 for which paul and barnabas were commissioned by the antioch community, and led initially by barnabas, took barnabas and paul from antioch to cyprus then into southern asia minor anatolia, and finally returning to antioch. Told from pauls point of view, this book follows all four of pauls journeys through asia and southern europe. Paul was sent here by the brethren to protect his life acts 9. Note how the great door opened to paul and many adversaries in verse 9 compares with the events in the ephesian amphitheater in acts 19. Approximately half of the book of acts tells about pauls missionary journeys and his final journey to rome. After a brief section on the pauls damascus including two short essays on acts 9. His income and those of others like him have dropped due to the gospel taught by the apostle.

Church tradition states that paul was executed by nero sometime between 64 and 67 ad. A chronological chart of the time, people and places in the acts of the apostles and letters of the apostle paul. If in fact he did, that would bring to 14 the total number of books of the new testament written by this great soldier of the cross. Timeline of the book of acts from the bible generation word. Events in acts and other new testament books are placed in harmony. It highlights all the major parts of pauls story from the book of acts, including getting locked in prison, writing to philemon and timothy, and requesting to be tried in rome by nero. From the perspective of the book of acts as a whole, chapter 20 marks an important transition in pauls life. Cyprus after being persecuted, some saints fled to this island acts 11. I paul have written it with mine own hand philemon 19 note. Galatians from antioch before the jerusalem council acts 15. The school is headed up by the wellknown rabbi gamaliel see acts 5. Although he tries to get to know other converted people in jerusalem, the brethren are suspicious of him and stay away acts 9. Today we are going to be looking at pauls life after acts.

Its from the only physical description of paul, in an early christian document, the acts of paul. The chronology of st pauls life and epistles, biblical. Traditionally pauls early travels have been broken down as follows 1. Born an israelite in tarsus around the same time of jesus and john the baptist acts 22. God uses peter to bring a little girl back to life. After pauls first evangelistic journey completes he, and his fellow laborer in the gospel barnabas, stay in antioch for almost three years acts 14. The essays in this volume are collected from a fivepart series on pauls missionary journeys originally published in bible study magazine, edited by david bomar. Chronology and locations of the writing of acts and pauls letters. It is believed by many that paul wrote the book of hebrews. Timeline of the apostle paul includes the year, the life of paul, the books written, and historical. Hi, im carl laney, professor here at western seminary and its my privilege to give you this introduction to the new testament. The spread of christianity in the first two centuries.

Simon peter timeline an apostle of jesus in biblical history. Barnabas travels to tarsus in order to seek saul acts 11. In spite of pauls warning, they set sail again acts 27. Timeline of the book of acts dates reference events books written historical events roman emperors c. We left off in our last lesson in acts 28 when paul spent two years in prison or under house arrest in rome. Below is a chart with a proposed chronology based upon internal evidence of the scripture in relationship to the history book of acts. Barnabas, a disciple known for encouraging others, takes paul to the apostles and. Paul starts school at age 6 or 7 where the ot would be the focus of his study. A larger acts map and blank map are provided below. Timeline of the apostle pauls ministry christianity in view. Chronology of acts and the epistles lists the events, the reference, and the year. After being arrested in jerusalem and imprisoned in.

Timothy, luke, and others conversion acts 9 main route. I noticed that you have an unbroken line for james. The book of acts ends with paul as a prisoner in rome for two years, but evidence from later letters suggests he was released, conducted a fourth missionary journey, and later was arrested again. Pauls release from prison and further travels, 6366. An understanding of the chronological order of events in pauls ministry can be very valuable as a tool for the study of acts and pauls epistles. Turkey, greece, lebanon, israel stays in damascus acts 9 arabia gal. Timeline of acts of the apostles and related events. Pauls family sends him to jerusalem to be taught in a pharisaic rabbinical school. He is traveling from ephesus to jerusalem but in a very symbolic these two cities represent pauls transition from full time missionary to full time prisoner. In the last two installments in this series we covered events from the start of the christian church to pauls first travels through the mediterranean world.

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