Ford focus driver window leaks

Fits 20002007 ford focus 4 door sedan rear window back glass heated. Dont wait till they fail completely, install our replacement window components. The window does work if you hold the button down but only the one touch feature does not work. Motorcraft front driver side power window regulator and motor assembly. We got in the car sunday morning and noticed a bad smell, and when we pulled up the husky liner we found that the carpet was completely saturated. I have traced it and found that it runs down the windshield, inside the front right quarter panel and into the cab from what looks like a rubber wiring harness.

Ive been googling the problem and it seems to be a regular common fault but tried all the fixes i can read but still got a leak. The is especially true if glass has recently been replaced. Older foresters develop wind noise because the glass windows have been pushed back and forth, distorting the tracks and gussets that hold them tight against the rubber seals. I have a focus cc 58 plate it leaks on drivers side front window as the window drops when you open door could it be the answered by a verified ford mechanic we use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. When you need to order a new ford weatherstrip seal, we\re here 247. My 2008 forester is silent at high speed because i am the only driver and occupant, and i never push on the unframed glass windows to open or close the doors. Many times, the back window leaks into the trunk or metal under the rear seat and flows to the. Were here to help you find that perfect weatherstrip seal for your ford focus.

Air or water leaks leaks in radiator requiring replacement jon k. I have a focus cc 58 plate it leaks on drivers side front. Water leak into front passenger foot well focus fanatics forum. Fix ford focus water leaks wet passenger footwell carpet. Coolant leak ford focus club ford owners club ford. How to fix water leak in car solved water in car solved. I have a 20 ford f150 that is leaking water into the door. Choose top quality brands a1 cardone, aci, api, ate, action crash, carquest, dorman, motorcraft. Is the window behind the driver not supposed to be auto up down. Get the best deals on glass for 2001 ford focus when you shop the largest online selection at. I have done some research and the ford focus, 2002 has a history of leaks coming in from front window to front passengers side floor.

Water in driver side floor ford focus club ford owners. See realworld ford focus repair histories as reported by other ford focus owners. How to fix a water leak in your car haynes publishing. The cowl on the windshield is in good shape and i can. The usual cause is a mixture of a poor cowl panel design and a failing of a seal at the cabin. You can find it in service reports, under ford focus. Jul 30, 2009 i have a 2009 ford taurus x sel awd and the drivers side window one touch up and down button does not work. Ford focus oil is leaking into spark plug well inspection costs. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicles wiper 124 problems. I have water coming into the passenger foot well after it rains. There is water pooling on the drivers side floorboard. A quick video showing how i resolved the common problem of a wet interior on a mk 11 2nd gen ford focus hatchback. Fits 0007 focus left driver rear door window regulator without motor fits.

You might have to stay in there a while as it maybe pooling somewhere and capilliary action may be taking place this is a git to resolve as the leak is always miles away from where logic tells you it should be. Water leak 2003 ford focus sedan motor vehicle maintenance. Its definitely not coolant though as it only appears after a rain and i went through the car wash and the water was sudsy. Below youll find a wide variety of ford focus parts and accessories. I have a ford focus mk 2 2010, i have noticed water ingress into the boot and a water test has shown it to be from an inadequate roof seal.

Everytime it rains, the rear left footwell ends up with a big puddle everywhere else though is completely dry. Ford focus window motor replacement driver side front. Dealer checked draining, but all is clear, and water drips onto the grou read more. Since christmas eve i have started to notice puddles of water in both the front and rear passenger footwells, aswell as under the front passenger seat. Help water in drivers footwell ford focus st forum. Folks, while cleaning out the interior of my mk2 focus this afternoon i noticed the rear drivers side footwell was absolutely soaking wet. That was until i noticed water leaking in around the a pillars.

The only other way water will leak into the car is a leaky heater core or a clogged ac drain. We love when auto parts experts come to our site and we love when car parts newbies come to our site. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Dec 04, 2012 ford focus recalls revisited on all three generations of the focus check before buying a used ford focus ford focus recalls revisited on all three generations of the focus check before. A good way to determine the amount and location of the fluid leakage is to place a large piece of cardboard under your car when you park it overnight. Enter the year of your ford focus to get a more customized product set. However this can only be carried out by a ford cc qualified specialist or ford technician who knows how the systems work the reason being.

Car complaints, car problems and defect information. I was told they couldnt find an issue and then insulted my intelligence by asking if i. This is the rubber seal that rests against the side windows the bit the glass rubs. Drivers side electric window not working focus fanatics. Ford focus water leak ford focus club ford owners club. If the passenger side floor of your ford focus car is flooded with water, the cause could be a leak at the base of the windshield or a leaky heater. We have had alot of rain in the area recently but water did not run from the driver door when it was opened. After all this heavy rain we have had over the last few days i noticed the carpet in the real footwell is soaking wet, dried it all off and another few hours of rain it was sokaing again. The three hshazy, hot and humidare probably the most common cause of fluid leaking from a car, in the eastern u. He has been the editor of titles such as fast ford and redline, and his latest. Only when running the ac, water not antifreeze leaks from passanger side air vent under the dashboard. Nov 28, 2018 find 2016 ford focus recalls information, reported by the nhtsa, and we will help you find a nearby service center where you can get your car fixed. Jul 30, 2017 the focus mk1 has a common problem with water getting in the cabin and ending up soaking the carpet.

It is neither inferred nor implied that any item sold by carid. All manufacturer names, symbols, and descriptions, used in our images and text are used solely for identification purposes only. Should i mention to the ford garage about the replacement window. A cars air conditioner needs to do something with the moisture it removes from the air inside the passenger compartment. I looked up and saw water stains on the ceiling around the drivers side door, across. I did have a car accident last april but the drivers side floor had been leaking a little before that, and the accident was very minor, extremely minor. I lifted the rear seat up and its dry under there, as is. Sat inside with someone else doing a hospipe over it and couldnt figure out where it was coming from, the door seals seem fine.

Dealer told me to park car in a garage when i asked him how to get it fixed. Dont know where the waters getting in as even when soaking the car with a hose, it wont leak on command. Ford focus coolant leak heater core pipe leaks coolant on carpet orings tips duration. Ford focus 2011 ford focus 201011 water leak from roof. I have a 20 ford f150 that is leaking water into the door rocker on the passenger side of the cab. I have looked at all the seals around the door but all seem in tack, the inside of the. So was the drivers side floor, but that had been so for a little while now. The drivers side switch works the passenger window with no problems, but when you press the drivers window button nothing happens, the motor doesnt even attempt to work. Buy a 2002 ford focus window regulator at discount prices.

Mysterious water leaking into rear hatch solved with silicone to hinge area shown in video. Fits 20002007 ford focus 4d sedanhatchback driver left rear door window glass. Mar 22, 2020 its an 06 tl, and when i went to vacuum out my car, i seen the backseat on the drivers side was soaked. How to detect where leak in front and back passenger side 2 answers. Coolant leak in drivers footell ford focus st forum. Power window regulator wmotor assembly front left driver side compatible for 0007 ford focus 4door. Hi, i bought a focus over the weekend and i was aware that the window was not working before buying, i assumed it would be an easy fix. Ford focus questions leaking ford focus on passenger side pillar.

I have a focus cc 58 plate it leaks on drivers side front window as the. We have worked hard to design a site that caters to everyones ford focus. Ford wants to charge way to much just to look at the car. Table 1 shows the 19 most common visibility problems. Ford focus questions how to detect where leak in front. Water leaking into passenger footwell ford fiesta club. Ford focus questions leaking ford focus on passenger side.

When it rains, my car leaks onto the floorboard from under the dash. Water was dripping from the top of the tailgate onto the parcelshelf and the. Left front driver window switch bezel only fits 9901 isuzu. Have read that the main cause of water leaks is the pollen filter. I am in the process of having a mold inspector examine my car for health reasons. Hello, i seem to have a coolant leak, ive took it to the garage and they replaced the thermostat housing but its still loosing coolant. Windshield has never been replaced and the windows do fit properly. Source of the water leak identified as coming via the rear spoiler. The mat wells on the passenger side of my ford focus keep getting soaking wet, without any noticeable leaks in the answered by a verified ford mechanic we use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Get the best deals on glass for 20 ford focus when you shop the largest online selection at. Water leak into front passenger foot well focus fanatics. I have a 20 ford f150 that is leaking water into the. The leak may be from the seal between the glass and the car body or. The 2012 ford focus has 17 problems reported for power window stopped working.

Window motors get a lot of use in your ford focus, and you may need to replace them over time. Mk2 focus water leak into rear footwell any suggestions. I opened the sunroof and poured water down the drain tube and it seemed to drain fine. Ford focus interior water leak boot tailgate spoiler. There is a water leak on the drivers side of my 2002 ford focus. Fixing water leak on ford focus idp pool car which is 3 years. The window mechanism would not allow the window to roll down. While driving approximatey 55 mph, the front driver s side window control mechanism failed without physical force. Love it i went from a 2003 jeep cherokee gas guzzaler to this sweet car, what an improvement. Your salvage yard should be full of them as they are used on 0007 focus.

So i left my car sitting for a few days in the rain and when i came out to drive it i had 1inch of water in the driver side footwell. Luckily i had my sunroof closed and my windows up, or thats what i thought. Our st has been in the shop for two days now because of a significant amount of water in the drivers footwell. Aug 02, 2015 sorry it was my first attempt of a video presentation. Hi all, we are selling our car next week and obviously just before handing it over we have a problem. Luckily, on our digital shelves, you can find all ford focus window components you might need for your restoration project. Loose interior trim or moldings driver side molding on door sill came off, and driver window motor was failing anonymous, ca 2011 ford focus unsure 2. Ford focus water leak in boot, sealing rear vents behind rear bumper duration. The relay is mounted just below the mirror in the drivers door behind the door panelwater shield by two screws and is connected to the harness with a green connector. The 2010 ford f150 has 15 problems reported for severe leak around rear window.

Fits ford focus 1218 hatchback sedan side window deflectors. Ford focus 2011 ford focus 201011 water leak from roof seal. Switch does workk all other windows in up and down except for drivers door, when operate window for drivers door u can feel the motor kick when push up but not down. I have sprayed the car with a water hose near the driver door and on the front and side windows and still cant find the leak.

Ford focus owners have reported 7 problems related to coolant leaking under the engine and engine cooling category. Jan 11, 2011 ive had this water coming into the driver s side front for some time now,its been back to the garage 3 times now and still it leaks carpets are soaked through,its 2008 zetec 1. Hello community, i recently took a look at a 2008 ford escape repo for potential purchase. In this video i also seal the cowl panel to the windscreen glass, although i reiterate this is not as intended by ford. Unlike inchannel visors, stickon visors will not stretch andor wear out your glass run weatherstrip seals. Feb 02, 2016 i have a 20 ford f150 that is leaking water into the door rocker on the passenger side of the cab. Found out the window was leaking at the upper right water was. Need ford to do a recall, there are so many people that are complaining about leaks. Fuse 55 is good even swaped with other window fuse.

Fits 0007 ford focus 2 door hatchback driver side left rear quarter glass new. A failed one touch relay can cause the symptoms you have on the drivers side window. Fits 20122018 ford focus driver left side rear door window glass fits. If you see a puddle under your car on your garage floor, driveway or parking spot, this is very likely a sign of a leak. To see how frequently 2012 ford focus problems occur, check out our car reliability stats. Its been to ford now 3 times and they are now telling me they dont know what to do. It appears to be coming in around the heater core but im not sure.

Ford focus repairs and problem descriptions at truedelta. Ford focus owners have reported 277 visibility related problems since 1996. When we opened the passenger door, there was water running out from the bottom of the inside of the door. Today i changed out both of the cowling pieces since this seems to be the cause of most leaking foci. Apr 20 3000 mi, passenger window leaking into the interior. The 2012 ford focus has 8 problems reported for water leaking into vehicle.

The second most common problem is related to the vehicles power window 44 problems. Ford weatherstrip seal, ford weatherstrip seal replacement. Im considering changing the water pump as it doesnt seem very labor intensive. Rear window regulator for ford ford focus 0007 left power wmotor 5door hatchbacksedanwagon. My car presently smells and exhibits all signs of mold growth. Anyone know anything or know anyone who they could ask about water ingress on a 2005 ford focus mk 2. The 2012 ford focus has 1 problems reported for window leaking. When it rains i get puddling in both front and rear footwells on passenger side. A faulty window regulator may cause the window to get stuck halfway up or down, a defective motor can lead to the inability to lower or raise the window, whereas a cracked seal will lead to leaks and moisture in the cabin. May 03, 2010 get in the boot with a feck off big torch then have somebody outside with a hose and let rip with the water. Oct 22, 2016 hi, i would like to get some help finding out what is the right torque for the cylinder head of my car, it is a ford focus mk1 kombi dnw 1. Ford focus questions the drivers floor board is always. Lhfr only bezel for window switch for sale is bezelpull handle for driver window switch. The focus mk1 has a common problem with water getting in the cabin and ending up soaking the carpet.

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